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Why ShaSolutions


ShaSolutions is a new, innovative and affordable group built to cater to your goals, whether it be grabbing that new pair of shoes for retail, or just flipping miscellaneous items to turn a profit for the month. Whatever you need, we are here 24/7. Take a look at some of our amazing features below.


We ensure our members are provided with the fastest monitors to ensure that you never miss a drop or restock.


Neatly organized and easy to understand release guides and detailed posts will help you understand exactly what you need to do to secure the newest releases.


In house tools, and frequent groupbuys with amazing bots is always helpful for our members to secure everything they need.


Free, secure autocheckout services provided to the whole group for free let us take the stress off you on a release.


Quick notifications for anything that resells will leave you with no gaps. We are always quick to notify members of all ways to profit.

And more...

Additionally, our group support staff is at your service 24/7, any questions, concerns, or problems can be resolved with immediate one on one help.



Our group is partnered with some of the newest and greatest autocheckout bots and proxy providers; meaning our members have frequent exclusive access to get their hands on them and use them to hit the release. We are proud to be partnered with bots such as galaxsio, project destroyer, shafflebot… and more.

Proven Success

ShaSolutions go BRRRRR


Our group has ensured almost all members amazing success, with hundreds of thousands of shoes secured with our help, and even more money made off of flipping random items, we do everything we can to guarantee you have a good experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Find answers in our FAQ

Most of the time we are sold out, however you can always find out our next restock date by heading over to our twitter, where we post our public restocks and giveaways, which can get you a chance at a membership.

A membership to ShaSolutions costs $45 monthly, and you can cancel at anytime. We use a monthly subscription based model instead of a one-time fee to ensure that you never have to pay an absurd price for a group that may not match your needs.

Head over to our dashboard site where you can activate your customer key and join the discord right away!

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